Tired and sweaty from a good day’s workout and the bike ride home, Alex knocked on the door of his third floor apartment. Well, it wasn’t actually his, rather his best friend Felix’s, who let him live there, but all the same.

A clatter sounded inside, followed by the screech of chair wheels, then footsteps. Alex straightened out his tank top and fiddled with his hair while he waited, hoping he didn’t look too much of a mess. It always took a moment longer than necessary getting in, especially with Felix always making a point to check the peep hole before opening up, even when he knew Alex was due back. Paranoid as ever, though, it was kind of cute—Like most of Felix’s silly quirks. And he had plenty.

A moment later the lock clicked, and the door swung open.

“I’m back,” Alex said with a big smile as he met Felix’s aloof, dark brown eyes. Even tired as he was, he couldn’t help himself.

Felix sniffed the air as Alex squeezed past. “I can tell.”

“Yeah…” Alex chuckled sheepishly. “Sorry about that. I would’ve showered at the gym, but I shit you not, there was some fat, old queen in the showers playing with himself. Out in the open too—For all to see! I could gag just thinking about it…”

“Probably there waiting for you.” Felix slammed the door shut, and the sound of locks clicked in place after. “You probably could’ve had yourself a sugar daddy and you let him slip right through your fingers. All you’d have to do is let him flop around on your fuzzy back door every now and then and soak up the cash, then you could buy all the clothes and nail polish your gay little heart could ever want.”

“Yeah…I could do with out that image. Thanks, cunt.”

“No need to thank me,” Felix said, slapping him on the back before plopping back down in his computer chair. Alex let his eyes linger for a moment, taking in his skinny frame, draped in a baggy tee and sweatpants. His hair was short and black, matching his dark eyes and thick, quizzical eyebrows. His Japanese half from his mother shown through rather strong, overpowering what little white his father had left him with. It made for a rather sexy combination though, at least in Alex’s view. Felix noticed his stare and looked up, and Alex hastily diverted his eyes to the stuck wall clock across the room.

“What?” Felix asked, before returning to whatever he was doing, but Alex couldn’t answer. He pursed his lips and scratched at his side burn, trying to pretend he wasn’t just checking out his best friend. Then Felix glanced back again. “So how many times did ya get called faggot this time?”

“Just twice.”

“That few? Even with the pink hot pants?”

“They’re exercise shorts.”

“Sure they are. If you bent over I could probably see your asshole.”

Alex paid him no mind and peeled his rainbow tank up over his head, catching a waft of the BO he was serving along the way. It was worse than he’d realized and left him feeling a bit self conscious that Felix had been assaulted by it. “What is it you’re working on there?” He asked, noticing an unfamiliar laptop Felix was fiddling with beside his desktop pc. “’Nother client?”

“Yep. Some troll on the Internet tricked the dumbass into deleting his system 32 folder.” Felix leaned back in his chair and snickered. “ Good thing too, someone’s gotta pay the damn rent for this shithole.”

Alex mopped at his armpits with his tank top. “It wasn’t you was it?”

“Nah, can’t take credit this time.”

“I’m shocked.” Alex shook his head, but couldn’t help the grin that found its way on his face. “Welp, I’m off to shower. Try not to work too hard, babe.”

“Don’t have to worry about that. Got a game paused, my forums at the ready, and porn in another tab. I’m all set, so get out of here and wash that stank ass of yours.”

“I’m going!” Alex laughed and kicked off his sneakers as he walked down the hall to the bathroom. Once inside he stripped the rest of the way naked, and looked himself over in the mirror. His pecs were really starting to stand out, and his arms were getting thicker. He couldn’t help wonder if Felix had noticed too. The purple tips of his black hair were beginning to fade though. Looked like he was going to have to buy another bottle of dye next time he was out. Maybe a new set of plugs for his ears too for a change of pace. He lingered only a moment longer before the call of the shower swept him away.

He had to fight with the squeaky faucet knobs to get something somewhat comfortable to spit from the shower head. It was always either too damn hot, or too cold. This time he opted for the latter, especially after the heat he’d worked up at the gym. It wasn’t so bad after he adjusted. The water cascaded down his body and tickled at his dick and balls, sending a shiver up through his spine. It felt kind of good actually. He basked in the sensation for a moment before loading up his hair with shampoo, and while it set, he fiddled with his piercings. First his nipples, then down to his belly button, and finally his Prince Albert…which led to him fiddling with what it was attached to. He leaned his head back into the gout of water to rinse the shampoo out as he ran his hand along the underside of his semi-hard shaft and tugged at the thick piercing at its tip.

It was hard to resist temptation, especially as good as Felix was looking when he came in—that bulge in his sweatpants especially. He gripped hold and ran his hand back and forth gently ‘til the lingering softness had went rigid with pleasure. His other hand trailed over the rippling bulges of his taut, hairy stomach that throbbed a bit from the day’s workout. At least it was paying off. From there he wandered lower, through the wet forest of pubes, down to his hanging balls that he squeezed gently as he pulled harder and faster with the other hand. His mind filled with thoughts of Felix’s hard cock inside him—it had only been a few weeks since they’d last fucked, but that was far too long for his taste. With such potent fuel to drive his hand, it wasn’t long before he felt the tingling beginnings of orgasm begin to swell in his loins—and at that very moment the bathroom door burst open, and he jerked his hands away, denying it release.

“I hope you’re not jerking it in there,” Felix said as his feet thudded into the tiny bathroom. Alex breath caught in his throat, and he tried to push his dick down, but the damn thing refused to give in. The sound of pissing echoed loud, like Felix had chugged a few sodas and let them all go at once. “You’re awful quiet in there.”


“Hm, hm, hm…You were jerking off, weren’t you?” The shower door cracked open, and Felix peered inside. “Ha! Hard as a rock. I fuckin’ knew it.”

Alex jerked around to hide himself with a flush of embarrassment. “Don’t you have things you’re supposed to be working on!”

“Oh that? It’s busy chewing on itself. Will be a bit before it needs me… That ass is looking right.” Alex went rigid as Felix’s hand trailed up his ass cheek, creeping dangerously close to his crack. “Not gonna lie, that musk you were dealing when you came in got me feelin’ a little horny myself.” He pulled his hand away and the shower door slammed shut. “You should join me in my room when you get done…if you still have any cum left in your tank anyway.” Then the bathroom door followed.

Alex’s heart near pounded through his chest, and his dick felt like it could burst if it got any harder. He didn’t waste a minute filling his loofah with soap and scrubbing away, making extra sure to get his ass nice and fresh. Then he hastily rinsed it all off, hit and missed with a towel, and dashed out of the bathroom and down the hall to Felix’s bedroom only to find him sprawled on the bed with his dick hanging from his sweatpants—Hard and waiting. The overhead light had been burnt out for weeks, but a small lamp on the nightstand bathed Felix in soft, orange light as he tugged playfully at his foreskin, almost taunting Alex.

“Well don’t just stand there with that dumb look on your face.”

A quick stumble and a flop, and next thing he knew, Felix’s cock was in his mouth. He bobbed on it, excitedly, and plunged his tongue between the slightly long foreskin and the head of his dick, taking in the exquisite flavor. Then he swallowed it down again and pushed as deep down in his throat as he could. A faint gasp broke from Felix’s lips, telling him he was doing something right, and it only made him gag on it all the more eagerly.

Felix twisted around next to him and trailed his fingers down Alex’s hard cock to his balls, giving them a soft squeeze, then he delved even further past his taint to the crack of his ass, where he began to play at Alex’s hole. He poked gently at it and circled his finger around its ring, making Alex tremble fore more. A bead of precum began to leak from Felix’s dick, and Alex licked it up, savoring the faint, salty flavor. He was about to die to have it inside him. “Get the lube.”

“Get that ass up in the air, and I will.”

Alex grinned and hoisted his ass up for the easiest of access, and Felix ran his hand through it before getting up to his feet. He threw off his t-shirt and dropped his sweatpants, revealing his smooth, slender body. There was only a bit of hair on his legs and chest, and a nice little puff of pubes to frame his dick, nothing at all like the thick forests Alex had. It made him all the cuter though, especially the tiny tufts around his nipples.

Free of his clothes, Felix grabbed the bottle from the top drawer of his nightstand, while Alex toyed with himself from beneath, waiting with hungry impatience. A moment later Felix climbed up behind him, spread his cheeks, and squirted a healthy dose of the cold, sticky liquid onto his hole. It trailed down toward his balls, but Felix caught it and dragged it back up where it need be, then he chucked the bottle aside and pushed his finger inside. And another. A shiver raced up Alex’s spine, and he couldn’t help smile.

“I hope you’re ready,” Felix cooed, rubbing the tip of his dick through the gooey mess and pushing it against the threshold.

“Oh I am.” Alex exalted in the sensation. “Put it in me.”

“Are you sure?”

Unable to bear the teasing, Alex thrust his ass backwards, forcing Felix to slide into him just a bit. There was a brief, sharp pain, but he endured it, knowing the wonders to come. “Does that answer your question? Fuck me.”

Felix snickered under his breath, pulled out briefly to let him relax, then shoved the whole of his girth deep inside. Alex gasped and gripped the bed sheet as he buried his face into Felix’s pillow. The smell on it was intoxicating. That was all he wanted, and Felix’s cock felt amazing just being inside of him, filling the void, but as he began to thrust in and out, the pleasure became near indescribable. Alex’s breath trembled, and he pushed back with his ass, taking in as much of each thrust as he could.

“You like that?”

“Mmf—I love it. Don’t stop—” Alex wormed his hand between his legs and pulled at Felix’s balls, which only made him shove his cock in even harder. It was enough to make him grunt and moan with each wondrous thrust as Felix pushed at his insides. He ran his hand between Felix’s legs one last time, and let his fingers play against the wet shaft as it slid in and out of him. It was too much to bear—he grabbed hold of his own aching cock. “Keep fucking—” He gasped as he started jerking himself. Dribbles of precum were already stringing from him against the disheveled bed sheet, and he used it to slick his fingers and work the head of his dick and its piercing.

It felt so good. Each thrust. Each tug of his cock. He didn’t want it to end. Felix ran his hand up Alex’s back, picking up his pace even faster, and finally he grabbed hold of Alex’s wet hair. Not hard enough to hurt, but firm, and he held onto it, fucking him harder and faster and moaning softly under his breath. The sound was probably the hottest thing Alex had ever heard, and it only made him long for more. Felix answered, pushing deep inside of him, and Alex clenched around him and let out a loud moan of his own, probably loud enough the neighbors could hear, but he didn’t care.

“Fuck I’m close,” Felix grunted, his dick throbbing so violently that Alex could feel every twitch. “In or on?”

“In—Cum inside me!” As the words broke from his lips, he felt himself throb for release too, his breath quickening. The pleasure was too much to bear. Each thrust from Felix became more pronounced, more powerful and more filling, and Alex pulled his dick for all it was worth. A loud grunt echoed from deep within Felix, and he hunched forward, shoving his dick even deeper as it pumped into Alex. In that same moment, Alex’s body seized up in ecstasy, and he let loose almost in unison, shooting stream after stream of cum across the bed sheet and grinding into Felix’s throbbing dick with each burst. He milked every last drop out, near trembling from the pleasure, even after Felix had stilled.

They stayed like that for a moment, Felix still deep inside, but softening slightly, and the both of them panting. Alex almost didn’t want it to end, as if they could stay like that forever, united as one. It was a ridiculously silly thought to be sure, but he could live in that moment forever. That’s how much he longed for Felix to be with him, but it didn’t last. Felix broke away, causing Alex to shudder as he pulled out. Then he flopped over onto his side and hoisted the quilt up over his naked frame as if ready to sleep.

“Work that hard?” Alex asked, toying with the sloppy chasm left behind in Felix’s wake. A smile lingered on his lips, made even worse as he gazed upon Felix’s serene expression. “You’re not really going to sleep are you?”

“Just a little nappy,” he said, grinning slightly. “That insatiable ass of yours took it out of me.”

Alex chuckled with a touch of embarrassment and rolled through the mess he’d made and up next to him. He rested his head on Felix’s shoulder and snuggled into his warmth, and a moment later an arm wrapped around him and held him there. It felt so comfortable—so right.

He and Felix had been best friends since kindergarten—it felt like forever. Always together and closer even than if they were brothers. They sucked each other off for the first time when they were fourteen. Felix had discovered some porn his parents had stashed, and one thing led to another. It was just buddies doing a favor for each other. It always was. But here they were, a decade later. Still together. Still putting their dicks into each other.

They’d both tried and failed at finding actual boyfriends, but where other men came and went, Felx was always there for him, and he was there for Felix too. It had got to a point where Alex didn’t want anyone else—really it had been that way for years. Being together with Felix was all he needed. All he wanted. Lying there nestled together with him felt so perfect, even more perfect than the sex. Just being friends wasn’t enough. Nobody else could ever make him feel the same, and before he knew it, Alex let slip the words he knew he shouldn’t say. He couldn’t hold them back any longer.

“I—I love you, Felix.”

Felix’s arm slipped away. “Huh?”

“I mean—” Alex thought to make some excuse, to try and take it back, but he couldn’t. He’d done so many times before, he couldn’t bear it again. “Maybe…maybe we should make it official. Be boyfriends, you know?”

“I like us how we are,” Felix said flatly.

“Would it really be all that different?”

Felix didn’t reply, and the room fell awkwardly silent save only for the sound of cars in the street below and the bickering of neighbors in the room above. Alex raised up on his elbows, hoping to find something in Felix’s dark eyes, but they darted away from him, and as he persisted, Felix eventually turned his head completely to glare at the wall rather than acknowledge him. It was like a blow to the gut—No, even worse. Alex had endured plenty of beatings in his time, being a big, fruity fag like he was. This was much harder to bear, especially with how badly he’d longed for Felix to feel the way he did.

“Listen, Alex. You’re my best friend, and that’s all I want you to be. I don’t want to fuck that up with a relationship.”

“But—” Alex’s brow knotted. “But you’re fine fucking me? It’s not that different.”

“I guess that was a mistake too.” Felix pushed off of the bed and jerked on his sweatpants. “I’ve got work to do.” His voice came out cold and final. Then he stamped out of the room, leaving Alex alone with a wet ass and shattered heart. His stomach twisted from the sex and worse from the raw, trembling emotion that had sank its terrible fingers into him. He quick buried his face into Felix’s pillow to quiet the tears before he made a bigger fool of himself, but the smell only made it all the more painful. He should’ve known it would turn out like this. How could he be such a fucking idiot?

Copyright © 2012 Joseph Frankmor