Ugh… Jorge slumped against the wooden counter, cradling his scruffy chin in his swarthy hands in a fit of boredom. Another slow as fuck day of work at his dad’s bookstore. He glanced at the wall mounted clock above the register, the hands were moving at a crawl. Just a few minutes past 5 o’clock. Damn. Still three more hours of this drudgery. He slouched even further and sighed. It paid the bills at least…and let him keep his apartment, not to mention keeping enough food around for his pig of a cat, Scribbles.

He glanced down at the floor beside him where the fluffy orange and white beast lay, licking his paw in a rather disaffected manner. It had been a few months since he started dragging the furball to work with him in a vain attempt to have a bit more entertainment during the day, but the damn thing just lounged about sleeping most the time. Wouldn’t even get off his ass to chase a string.

“You little shit.” Jorge slipped off the stool he’d been sitting on and crouched to stroke the cat’s head. “Why don’t you manage the counter while I have a snooze, huh? Probably won’t be a single person anyway.”

Scribbles didn’t seem intrigued by the offer and just continued to wash, switching from his paw to his frazzled tail.

“Heh, figured as much.”

A jingle rang out from the door. Shit—a customer. Jorge raised up to greet them, but stopped fast by a sharp pain against his head, that cascaded down his spine, as he collided with the hard lip of the counter.

“Fuuuuuck!” Jorge shouted, forgetting all about the door bell. He teetered backwards and tumbled flat on his ass with a hard thud. Scribbles barely avoided being squished beneath him but yowled and scurried off just in time to avoid cushioning Jorge’s fall.

“Goddamn piece of shit!” Jorge clasped his throbbing forehead and babied it, trying to get the pain to subside, all the while mumbling even more profanities at the damn counter. He really needed to stop doing that all the time. Fuck.


Jorge sucked in a gasp of air, tensing up with a rush of excitement. That low, mildly awkward voice… His heart thumped. It was him—Alex! The throbbing in his head faded away as that familiar smiling face of his crush flashed through his mind, but it quickly came rushing back along with burning embarrassment as he realized that Alex had surely heard the whole affair just now. Damn it all.

But despite the churning in his gut and his aching head, Jorge wasn’t about to let that stop him from seeing Alex. So after one last rub at the sore lump, he brushed a hand through his messy, dark-brown hair, hoping it didn’t look too shitty, then attempted to stand again, taking care not to bash his head on the fucking counter this time.

And there he was, standing a few steps away from the door and looking as though he was about to leave. But there was no way Jorge was going to let him just run off. He thrust the pain from his mind and with the best poker face he could muster to hide his embarrassment, greeted Alex just as his hand was about to push the door open. “Hey, welcome dude.”

Alex stopped in his tracks, but hesitated a moment before turning around, and Jorge just about lost it when he did. He was so fucking cute. And sexy, all rolled together. Tall and pale, but with the most delicious muscles that he flaunted with the tightest of clothes, skinny jeans that displayed every bulge and ripple, and his snug, pink v-neck showing a glimpse at his furry chest. It was too much to bear. Then there was his black, spiky hair with the top dyed purple, and long side burns framing his face. And the piercings…multiples in each ear and even one in his eyebrow. Jorge couldn’t help wonder about other places…and given the faint silhouettes of nipple rings etched into the thin fabric of his shirt…Oh man.

And even though that was more than enough to give Jorge a raging hard on, there was still the best part—that goddamn goofy smile of his, with a gap in his front teeth, that he always seemed to have stretched across his face. Jorge melted every time he saw it. Though something seemed a bit off about him today, like he was anxious or something, but somehow that just made him all the cuter. If such a thing were even possible.

“Hey, uh, everything alright?” Alex asked as he paced back into the heart of the store with slow steps.

“Y-yeah, it’s fine.” Jorge laughed nervously, his head still throbbing, but he was just gonna keep that to himself. “Can I help you find anything?”

“Yeah…sure. Not really looking for anything specific though…”

“Already read through the last ones you bought?” Jorge joined Alex on the opposite side of the counter, hoping to draw out his visit as long as possible.

“Oh—yeah. I have to keep a good stock, you know, or I run out,” Alex said, fiddling with one of his earrings as he scanned the shelves.

“Heh, well what are you after? Fantasy again?” Jorge lingered a bit behind Alex and was taking the opportunity to ogle the distracted man’s taut backside. If he wasn’t such a pussy he’d just snag hold of that firm looking ass right then and there. It was practically begging for it.

“Yeah, anything’ll do. You know me, so long as there’s dragons or wizards and the like, I’m not too picky.”

This was their little routine for the past few months, ever since Alex had come into Jorge’s life. It was the final volume of some generic dragon fantasy series he was addicted to that had brought him to the store the first time. Apparently none of the big chain stores had it, but thanks to the slow patronage of his dad’s shop, they actually had it in stock. A hard back copy at that.

Needless to say, Alex was shitting himself with glee and kept coming back afterwards at least once a week looking for some new book to add to what must’ve been a truly epic collection of shitty fantasy books. But those visits were one of the few things Jorge truly loved about his job. Aside from being paid to pretty much do nothing that is.

Alex crouched down to examine the bottom shelf, and between his small shirt and low rise pants, Jorge caught a glimpse at the most glorious of sights. Not even a hint of underwear to be seen on the firm cheeks that peeked up from the brim of Alex’s jeans to say hello.

And something else wanted to say hello as well. Jorge felt a shift in his pants and had to look away before he had a full on boner with Alex right there. It was embarrassing enough that he’d bashed his fucking head right as Alex came into the store, he didn’t want to make it any worse. But damn. He couldn’t help but glance back down for a second at Alex’s ass crack and the ample black hairs that stood out like ink on paper against his light skin. The things he could do to that…

He made a discreet attempt to adjust his junk then crouched down beside Alex. “Finding anything?” He asked, feigning interest in the books that lined the shelf to keep his mind off that luscious booty that was fighting so hard to force its way back into his mind.

“Not sure..” Alex gave a sidelong glance at Jorge with his captivating, green eyes. “Anything you can recommend?”

“Umm…” Jorge stared at the spines and read the names off in his head, but it didn’t help. He didn’t really read much fantasy. Well, he didn’t read much in general beyond comics, which the store didn’t carry despite his suggestions to his father that they should. But that was a rant for another time. He took a gamble and pointed at a random book that had an interesting enough title. “What about this one?”

“Hm. Looks kinda neat I guess,” Alex said, but it didn’t really seem like he was all that focused on actually finding anything.

“Now. You know you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover. It could be shit for all you know.” Jorge passed him the paperback.

“Yeah, but you recommended it.” Alex smirked and flipped it over to skim the back cover. “Don’t tell me you like shitty books.”

Jorge could only rub his bristly beard and grin like a fool. He couldn’t very well admit that he’d never read it before at this point. “Well, um…are you ready to cash out then?” He asked, not wanting to see him leave but not wanting Alex to catch him in the lie either. The last thing he wanted was to scare him off for good.

Alex hesitated a moment as he finished reading. “Yeah, I think so. It sounds interesting enough, and you’ve not steered me wrong yet. I’m sure it’ll be a page turner.”

Jorge found that hard to believe, but maybe he just had some damn good luck at random pics. Heh. Maybe he should give the lotto a try. He pushed up from the floor and let his eyes meander down to Alex’s ass one last time before he got to his feet as well, then he took the book and wandered back over to his nemesis—the check-out counter.

“Alright, that’s seven fifty-one,” Jorge said after stabbing a few keys on the fossil of a cash register.

Alex rustled around in his pocket, struggling to free his wallet from his jeans’ tight grasp, but it didn’t take too long for him to slip it out and pass Jorge a ten. “Don’t worry about the change, thanks for helping me out.”

“Huh, you sure about that?” Jorge asked, handing Alex the book and his receipt. That was a first.

“Yeah, yeah. Don’t worry about it, think of it as a tip I guess. Anyway, see ya later, and seriously thanks for the help.” Alex took the book, his hand brushing against Jorge’s just long enough to make his heart thump, then he gave one of his signature silly grins. Jorge couldn’t help but smile on reflex. It was too damn cute. Then he turned to leave with his tight jeans clinging around his ass and making Jorge’s mind wander right back into the gutter. If he could just plant his face between those cheeks…

With a jingle of the bell as the door slammed behind Alex, Jorge was once again all alone in the old bookstore with a little over two and a half more hours still remaining for him to wile away before he could head home. And now with his dick bulging against his pants, begging for attention, thanks to Alex. The bastard had to be doing it on purpose…no underwear…Jorge rubbed his hand along the length of the bulge, unable to deny it. Maybe he could take a little break…

A quick glimpse through the windows showed no sign of anybody else, and likely there wouldn’t be for a while. He smirked. Nobody would notice. He closed the dusty blind and locked the front door, then flipped the ‘open’ sign over so that it shown ‘closed’ to any would be shoppers. And just as he turned to head to the back, he noticed Scribbles lounging on the bottom of one of the bookshelves.

“Keep an eye on the place for a bit, you little turd.” With that, he disappeared into the back stock room and shut the door, leaving him completely alone to take care of business.

There was an old couch back there from his parents’ house that his dad had dragged down to the store after his mom bought a new one a few years back after he moved out. He flopped onto it, dust puffing up around him, and didn’t waste any time undoing the top button of his pants and easing the zipper down with Alex’s firm, fuzzy ass fresh in his mind.

Jorge pushed down the top of his tighty whities, causing his hard cock to pop free and slap against his tummy. Then he wrapped his right hand around the thick, warm shaft that was pleading for attention and began to work it up and down with the foreskin sliding back and forth over the ridge of its head with each motion. Tingles of pleasure pulsed through his groin, and his breath quivered. He pictured Alex in his head, trying to imagine what he looked like free of those skintight clothes. He envisioned thick, white muscles covered in coiling, black hair, a fat ass begging to be fucked, and of course a thick dick to match. Goddamn that tiny peek he got earlier just wasn’t enough—he wanted to see everything.

His free hand slid down his hairy abdomen and just under the band of his underwear to cup his balls, squeezing them gently and tugging as he continued to rub his cock. It felt so fucking good. He bit his lip and leaned back into the embrace of the old sofa’s cushions, continuing to tease his throbbing shaft with slow, sensuous strokes.

If only he could have Alex sitting in his lap right then, his dick deep inside that sexy ass, and with Alex’s green eyes locked onto his. He bucked his hips into each thrust of his hand, imagining Alex there, taking it—and loving it just as much as he was. The excitement was becoming too much, and he could feel the cum rising, nearly ready to explode, so he let go of his twitching shaft, giving himself a moment to recover. It wasn’t quite time to call an end to this little affair.

While he waited, he tugged at the skin of his cock and noticed a glistening droplet of precum peeking out from the tip, then he clamped his fingers around the base and moved his hand upward with a slow, tight motion, causing a larger sample to ooze out. He rubbed a light-brown finger through the liquid and pulled away causing a string to form between it and his dick, and a smile stretched on his lips at an all too tempting idea.

Jorge shoved up from the couch and flung his lemon-yellow shirt off, then pushed his pants and underwear down further to give him more room to play. He gave his dick another good squeeze to get every last drop of precum it had to offer, collecting it on his finger, then slipped it between his hairy ass-cheeks and pressed against his hole.

As hot as the thought of fucking Alex was, the idea of Alex’s cock thrusting inside of him made him horny as hell. He went slow, rubbing his finger around the threshold before pushing it in just past the surface with a slight gasp spilling from his lips. After a moment he eased it further in as far as he could manage. It wasn’t the real thing, but he had to make do with what he had.

He teased his cock, rubbing his finger between the foreskin and the head while he gave his ass a moment to adjust to the intrusion. Once it felt comfortable, he began working it, slowly at first, pulling the finger out then thrusting it back in. It wasn’t enough. He wanted to push another in, but there wasn’t enough lubrication and he didn’t actually have any lube at the store to use. So he pulled his hand away, giving his hole a moment’s reprieve as he brought it up to his mouth and spit. It would have to do.

With a deep breath, he smeared the saliva across his asshole and slipped his index finger back inside the warm tunnel, and once it settled in place, he pushed the tip of his middle finger in as well. A low, rumbling moan broke from his lips, and he continued to push further until both were as deep as he could muster.

With his fingers in place, he started with slow methodical motions, then picked up speed, thrusting them back and forth, and with his other hand he began jerking his cock with renewed fervor, the whole time imaging Alex taking him from behind. Goddamn, it felt amazing, and he knew the real thing would certainly be even better. If only he could have it.

His breath became heavy as he thrust the fingers as deep as possible and his strokes hastened. The whole of his cock seized in ecstasy as he reached the point of no return, and he pulled back on the shaft and gave his fingers one last, deep shove inside as his ring tightened with pleasure and multiple ribbons of cum shot from his dick, spattering across the storeroom floor.

“Fuuuck!” He gasped, sliding his hand forward on the shaft, coaxing out that last little bit.

He let his fingers slide slowly from his ass, shivering as they exited, then fell backwards onto the couch to catch his breath and take it all in. He licked a small gob of jizz off his finger that hadn’t made it to the floor with the rest and chuckled to himself as he realized the mess he’d made. But it was so fucking worth it.

After another moment of sweet relaxation, he forced himself up. No matter how much he wanted to keep lounging around daydreaming about hot sex, he had a job to do, even if it was an incredibly boring one. He pulled his underwear back up and over his still chubby dick, then got his pants and shirt back in order.

And he couldn’t just leave his jizz puddle on the floor, so he grabbed an old dust rag to wipe up the mess, and couldn’t help thinking of the man who had caused it. He wanted him so bad, but Jorge just couldn’t bring himself to come on to him. And he was pretty certain Alex was gay as well, so that wasn’t the problem. After all, what straight guy would go around dressed like that? Well, there were probably a few…but whatever. Either way, he was too much of a pussy to say anything. Fuck. Imagination and handjobs would just have to make do.

But for now, Jorge had to get back out there and pretend to be working.

Copyright © 2012 Joseph Frankmor