Herein I shall bequeath the riveting tale of how this all came about, or not so riveting, but here it is anyway.

I didn't set out to create any sort of story here. My usual focus, and passion, is in fantasy, so I didn't have much interest in doing a completely normal modern day sort of thing like this. What got the whole thing started was the characters. It's not unusual for me to draw tons of random, cute, modern-looking guys when I'm sketching, but they usually waste away in my sketchbook with nothing more coming of them.

Well, around mid 2011, I was trying out Paint Tool Sai, and I chose one of those random cute guy doodles that was lost in sketchbook limbo to use as a coloring test. The result of that test was the ‘Whee guy’(note the shirt), who I decided I would use as a blog mascot of sorts. Basically just a cute guy to make my blog look a little less boring.

But then I decided that he needed a boyfriend, because why have just one guy being all cute and sexy on my blog header when there could be two? So then I chose another one of my old doodles and colored it. But they needed names, because the Whee guy and his man-friend weren’t cutting it, and so, not long after I named the two of them Felix and Zack.

At the time I had no other aspirations than for them to adorn my blog, lookin' cute and making it more fabulous. I drew more pictures of them here and there, but otherwise things continued like that for some time.

Almost a year after creating those two, I created Alex. But unlike them, he wasn’t birthed from an old doodle, rather a fit of artist woe. I was having one of those moments where I felt my art was shit and I wasn’t going anywhere, and I just wanted to do something a bit different. So I just started scribbling in Sai trying to produce something that I didn’t think was shit, and thus Alex was born.

Since I already had Zack and Felix as blog mascots, Alex became the mascot for my webpage. I’ve since edited that picture of him multiple times, to fix up the art and also to keep it matching with his finalized design.

It wasn’t long after Alex’s creation that I started feeling I might want to do more with these guys than just have them as simple mascots, but I wasn’t really sure what. And of course, like with Felix, I wanted to create a partner for Alex. I didn’t really have any idea what sort of guy to pair with him, and I had a couple closies I had considered, most notably this guy:

But he just didn't seem right for the job, and was a little too similar looking as well. But with a bit of a redesign I think I might still have a use for him *insert evil author cackle*. Once I decided against using him, I didn't think much more on a partner for Alex and just moved on to other things. Then a couple months later I was working on a commission and during a fit of boredom I started sketching some porn of a random guy jerking off.

As soon as I had finished that picture, I knew that I really liked the guy and wanted to keep him around. I named him Jorge and then almost immediately decided he would be the one to be paired with Alex. And just like that, thanks to a pic of a guy rubbing one out, the first little strings of a story began to form. Which is how Hard Work at the Bookstore ended up being the first little nugget of story I have written about the guys, even though it isn’t anywhere near the beginning of the overall plot.

After writing that piece, more and more ideas began to spring up and more things fell into place, and soon a much larger story started to come together for the four of 'em. With the story coming to life, I decided to give it a title, and after weeks of scraping my brain, the best I could come up with was Fuzz & Whimsy, because the four main dudes are all hairy goofballs. Truly a feat of creativity. At first I thought it would just be a working title until I could come up with something better, but as usual, it ended up sticking.

And that's pretty much the sum of it. It's still very much a work in progress, but I intend to continue fleshing it out and exploring these characters here, through my art and writing. So enjoy~

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